St. Charbel & Living the Liturgical Calendar

So I may not have mentioned in my earlier introductory ramblings, but our family has really been trying to immerse ourselves in the liturgical calendar in order to feel better connected to our faith. That means that we do what we can to celebrate our favorite saints’ feast days in big or little ways (depending on who the saint is and how far in advance we remember,) do our best to observe things like ember days, and just generally try to unite our days intentionally to the rest of the Church.

Sometimes we observe a feast day with a whole big meal like Haley does (check out her great ideas for Sts. Anne & Joachim’s feast day,) but often we just throw together a little something to acknowledge its passing. Honestly, we tend to remember the day-of or the day before at best, so we do what we can. Some kinds of living our liturgical calendar are harder than others (I’ll tell you all about ember days later,) but they’re all so fulfilling to attempt.

St. Charbel!

This looks EXACTLY like the picture of St. Charbel that a customer at the store gave us. It hangs right next to my desk every day and in person the details are so lifelike.

Today’s feast is for St. Charbel, who is, to my knowledge, the first Lebanese saint to be canonized. Neither of us are Lebanese, but we have a few Lebanese friends (including the one who gave us a copy of the above lovely icon for the store.) Upon the recommendation of these friends, we picked the yummiest (and most readily available) Lebanese food we know: Hummus!

Store bought hummus

Store-bought hummus. I can’t even take credit for the picture!

I’d like to say that I had the forethought and energy to make my own batch of hummus to bring into work with me today, but that just didn’t happen. We JUST got back from vacationing with my husband’s family at the beach and both the fridge and pantry are completely empty. Let’s just say it wasn’t gonna happen today. However, one of my aforementioned Lebanese friends ran out to the store and picked out a few tubs of this brand, so you know it’s legit. The three of us at the store basically ate 2 1/2 tubs of this deliciousness and called it lunch. (Just so you don’t miss out on this mental image: my friend couldn’t find the pita chips or any regular pita bread that met my current weird dietary needs, so we wound up eating our hummus with Ruffles potato chips and Cheddar Harvest Sunchips. Yum, right?)

Just so you don’t feel like I’ve completely gypped you out of a real food post, I’m providing you with a recipe for it from my new favorite cookbook which hasn’t let me down yet. I’m leaving out a few of the ingredients to make it simpler (and just in case of copyright issues!) Sorry this has turned into lazy steal-it-from-the-internet night, but que sera, sera!

Yummy Simple Hummus


1/4 cup tahini (I read somewhere that in a pinch you can sub peanut butter for this. I tried it and it was…ok. Lacking though.)

2 tablespoons lemon juice


2 tablespoons olive oil

1 teaspoon minced garlic (app. 2 cloves)

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon cumin

1/4 teaspoon coriander


1 15 oz can of garbanzo beans, rise and drain

The trick, it seems, is to add the ingredients into the food processor one group (divided by lines above) at a time, while processing for about a minute after adding each set of ingredients. That makes it SO much smoother and yummier. Putting the ingredients in in the order listed above works wonders and I highly recommend chilling it for as long as you can stand to wait to eat it (seriously, if you make it the hour that she recommends, you’re amazing.) Also, you can always add more garlic. 🙂

Let’s pretend I made this batch, ok? For the one-step-at-a-time idea, click the picture.

Happy Feast of St. Charbel!


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