I’m Theresa, an incorrigibly goofy gal, and I’d like to be your friend.

I love being silly with my wonderful husband, being entirely too verbose, making tea, making lists, theoretically making crafty stuff, trying to cook yummy but simple (read lazy) meals, “keeping up” with housework (just making sure the place doesn’t catch fire), trying to help our family grow closer to God in our Catholic faith by incorporating it into our daily life, running a Catholic bookstore, and waiting for God to give us babies.

After about two and half years of infertility, we’ve finally been blessed with a child, due July 2015 (it’s been a complicated pregnancy and we’d really appreciate your prayers!) We are one of those incredibly obnoxious anecdotes that no woman dealing with infertility wants to hear about: our first positive test came literally the day after we signed our completed adoption home study papers. We still very much want to adopt when we’re able, but due to agency restrictions, we have to wait a set amount of time before beginning again. We’re so grateful and blessed to be one of those couples that everyone has had to hear about, but we also kind of hate it. Because we know we’re adding to the problem.

Infertility will always be part of our story, whether it continues for us after this baby is born or not. But we also can’t believe how lucky and truly blessed we are to be among those who’ve been given this undeserved gift.


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